Live Bands

The currently active, darker Pittsburgh bands you’re likely to see performing live shows around town.

Electro Industrial / Industrial Rock

Dark Ambient / Experimental / Noise

  • Boxed Warning: electronic/experimental/industrial solo project of Chase Dudley
  • Disheveled: experimental electronic music from Greg VanEck (Prometheus Burning)
  • Dreamweapon: dark experimental project by Jason Clinton, formerly of Parvulus Infectus
  • Fuck Telecorps: collaborative noise
  • Macronymphia: noise project formed in 1990 by Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella
  • Majeure: dark ambient/minimal electronic
  • O Heiðrún: female-fronted, dark ambient project by Shy Kennedy
  • Virul God Complex experimental industrial/IDM project by DJ TFS
  • Za Dharsh: experimental industrial project by Manny Theiner, formed in 1985

Darkwave / Synthpop

Dark Rock / Dark Folk / Shoegaze

  • Carol Blaze: psychedelic/desert/shoegaze/sci-fi rock by A.T. Vish (ex-lowsunday)
  • Chuck Owston: dark folk musician, also performs with bands Gypsy Ribbon or Wolf Rune
  • The Devilz in the Detailz: gothabilly/darkwave four-piece with female vocals
  • Patricia Wake: dark folk singer-songwriter with backup vocals
  • Sound Elevator: dark shoegaze/spacerock with post-punk and trip-hop influences


Recording Projects

Dark music made in Pittsburgh. These projects are currently active but studio-only.

  • Adam Christian: Goth/experimental electronic rock. Has had some live performances beginning in 1997. Released several recordings and had a track on Cleopatra’s Goth Bible.
  • Derek C. F. Pegritz: experimental electronic from Derek of Morpheus Laughing (who also releases music as Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos and PEGRITZ!)
  • Ganymede: IDM project by Jarrod Leda (formerly of Next Level X).
  • Heathen Earth: ’70s industrial-inspired, dark ambient/noise project by Josh Howell
  • Powder French: Formed in 1987, this is Pittsburgh’s longest-running dark-ambient/industrial-experimental artist, Gregg Puchalski.
  • Una de Luna: electro/alternative/trip hop/dubstep band featuring Marla Degenhardt on vocals and Peter Guellard on guitar and programming. Was performing live from 2008-2012; currently a recording project.
  • Vampire Nation Fredrik Von Hamilton’s gothic electronica project blends elements of darkwave, world music, and hip-hop. Founded in 1994, Vampire Nation performed live frequently in the ’90s and still records from time to time when not being thwarted.
  • Veniculture: dark ambient solo recording project by Chad Hammitt of Agnes Wired for Sound
  • Violaria: Members of seminal Pittsburgh goth/ethereal band The Garden reformed circa 2005 as this recording project.

For dark Pittsburgh bands that are no longer active or have relocated, see Bands That Were.