Bands That Were

Some dark bands of Pittsburgh’s past.

(For currently active Pittsburgh projects, see Dark Pittsburgh Bands.)


  • Between the Waters (2002-2004): When The Garden’s vocalist left the band for a while, the remaining members formed this project with vocalist Patricia Wake and drummer James Perry. They released one album, Connection.
  • Carol Blaze (2015-2019; then relocated to San Francisco) psychedelic/desert/shoegaze/sci-fi rock by A.T. Vish (ex-lowsunday)
  • Cloud (circa 1998-2000): Ethereal band with female vocals
  • Isabelle (circa 1998): Members of Low Sunday Ghost Machine and The Garden
  • Low Sunday Ghost Machine (aka, lowsunday, circa 1995-2002): This post-punk/dream pop band was led by vocalist/guitarist Shane Sahene. They were signed to Projekt Records. They released one album as Low Sunday Ghost Machine and one album as lowsunday.
  • Mad About Madeline (1996-97): Cocteau Twins-meets-Lush shoegaze band with female vocals.
  • Spellamya (circa 1998): Short-lived ethereal band with female vocals
  • Underflowers (circa 1995): The members of this shoegaze/ethereal band included Mia Chesla (vocals, flute, bells), J Orazi (vocals, guitar), David Wallace (guitar, bass) and Tanya Kavalkovich (violin). They released a self-titled album on Bedazzled Records in 1995.
  • Vequinox (1998-present; originally based in Pittsburgh): This still-active ethereal/world folk band consists of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Chad and Lisa Porch, joined by a percussionist. Their style is often compared to Dead Can Dance. Formed in 1998, the project was based in Pittsburgh until about 2006.

Dark Celtic Rock

  • A Company of Knaves (1994-1995): Dark Celtic/medieval band consisting of Chuck Owston (vocals, guitar, cittern, mandola), Kacey Comini (vocals, percussion), Tanya Kavalkovich (violin), Brian Lowry (keyboards, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, accordion), and Rob Grano (drums).
  • Bonfire Night (2005-2012): Dark Celtic electric rock band founded by Chuck Owston which featured rotating members including Chad and Lisa from Vequinox and Josh Loughrey. Released two CDs, Johnny Scarecrow and Blood & Thunder.
  • Jack of Shadows (circa 1997): A Chuck Owston project featuring his daughters on vocals and various others performing other live parts.
  • Revelations in Black (1993-1996): Medieval dark folk by Chuck Owston (guitar, cittern, mandola, vocals), Dewey Gurall (bass, guitar), Jim Capp (keyboards, bass), always with an ethereal female vocalist.


  • Lavish Blue (1998-2001): Darkwave project led by Jon Orr. Recorded a demo and opened for The Crüxshadows.
  • Shutterdown (2009-2013): Indie-electronic band with female vocals founded by Max and Antisa. Released a self-titled EP in 2010 and a full-length album, Dreamwalker,in 2013 and performed locally.
  • Taboo (circa 1998): Trip-hop influenced project with Peter Guellard on keys, Taylor on guitar, Al on drums, and a female vocalist.
  • ThouShaltNot (1998-2013; Pittsburgh-based from 2001-2005): post-punk/goth/industrial/synthpop band consisting of Alex Reed (vocals, keyboards, guitar, etc.), Jeremy David Long (guitars, keyboards), and Aaron Fuleki (drums, programming). Signed to Dancing Ferret Records, they released several albums, EPs, and compilations and toured widely. Alex’s current project is Seeming and is based in Ithaca, NY.
  • Una de Luna (2008-2012): electro/alternative/trip hop/dubstep band featuring Marla Degenhardt on vocals and Peter Guellard on guitar and programming.
  • Vampire Nation (1994-2015): Fredrik Von Hamilton’s gothic electronica project blended elements of darkwave, world music, and hip-hop.

Dark Rock

  • The Burning Path (2008-2010): Dark rock band featuring Vince on guitar and vocals, Sam on guitar and Daphne on bass, sometimes with Chad from Agnes Wired for Sound.
  • The Forbidden Five (early 2000s-2013): Surf-garage-punk inspired by The Cramps, Gun Club, Dead Kennedys, and a store full of B-horror movies.
  • July (circa 1991-1996): Dark rock band project of Fred Banks (aka, Fredrik von Hamilton before he founded Vampire Nation
  • Leeja Stark Band (2013-2016?): female-fronted dark experimental rock
  • The Touch (circa 1998): Influenced by The Cure


  • Carmilla’s Dress (1996-2000): Deathrock band fronted by brothers Jordan and Randall Harris.

Gothic Metal

  • All Hope Lost (circa 1997-1999): Gothic metal by Matt Heilman, often featuring guest female vocalists. Performed several shows and recorded a few demos.
  • Dark Martyr (1997-2003): Black metal band featuring Dean Goethsimanis on vocals and bass, Derek on drums, and Ben and Tim Nihil on guitars.
  • Jordan Decay (circa 1998-2012): Jordan Harris’ gothic / black metal solo project

Industrial Rock

  • Agnes Wired for Sound (2000-2016): NIN-inspired industrial band
  • Fetish in the Sweatbox (circa 1995-1998): This sleaze industrial/EBM band released several recordings and performed live.
  • Mace (circa 1994-1998): Industrial band led by Peter Guellard was famous for its fetish-themed stage shows. Guellard toured with the Electric Hellfire Club as their keyboardist and later founded female-fronted trip-hop projects Taboo and Una de Luna.
  • Singine (circa 2001): Industrial/metal band led by Corey, formerly of Mace. Released one album.
  • Wreckcreation (2008-2012): Industrial rock band consisting of Kirsten Evans (vocals), Aric Armbruster (guitar), Joshua Howell (programming, synths, bass, found percussion) and Tom Foley (guitar).


  • Low Pass Frequency (circa 2003) Project by Dave Wallin, formerly of Forced (which became Rein[Forced] in 2003).
  • Midi-In (circa 2000): Electro-industrial project, released a CD
  • Mindless Faith (1995-present; based in Pittsburgh circa 1996-2000): Brothers Jason and Chris Sevanick formed Mindless Faith in 1995, with Rick Furr, Paul Green, Kim Dylla, Monica Durant and other collaborators joining along the way, and are currently based out of Baltimore. With releases on Metropolis and Dependent Records, they released their sixth studio album in 2015.
  • Next Level X (circa 1995): Jarrod Leda’s darkwave/electro-industrial project. Performed live and released several cassettes as well as one CD, Neo. Later evolved into Jarrod’s IDM/shoegaze project Ganymede, which still records.
  • Prometheus Burning (2001-2014): Electro-industrial duo Nikki Telladictorian and Greg VanEck released four albums, one of which was on Wax Trax II Records. They toured widely and incorporated performance art on stage.
  • Silent Prayer (1987-1990): Pittsburgh’s first EBM/industrial-dance artist (aka Bill Morris) opened (along with Za Dharsh) for Thrill Kill Kult in 1989 at the Sonic Temple.
  • Viewers Like You (circa 2000-2002): Industrial/electronic rock project by Eric Boehm

Experimental industrial/harsh noise

  • Andraculoid (1999-2005): Harsh electro/EBM/noise project by John Thomas, aka Kajiu, who also had a project called The Abduction Cabinet. Andraculoid was based in Pittsburgh before relocating to Philadelphia.
  • Hope Organ(isation) (1987-1992): Industrial / experimental / pagan psych-folk led by Pete Sbrockey. Also released two tapes with William Clay as Psychic Workshop.
  • Filet of Feedback (1990-1992): Three guys from Carnegie Mellon who created spontaneous harsh noisy sounds. Had a live cassette release and appeared on the Subterfugue Pittsburgh industrial comp 7-inch.
  • Hedra (1997-circa 2001): Experimental noise project of Ben Hernstrom (formerly of Mace), which also included contributions from Mike Propst of Parvulus Infectus and David Graham of Requiem.
  • Manherringbone (circa 2000-2003): Harsh noise project by Bob Saunders, operator of IBOL Records. Featured on Circuits of Steel compilation and toured.
  • Parvulus Infectus(1998-2002): Experimental industrial. Primary members: 342 and M Kadath.
  • P.Children (1986-1992): Multimedia industrial-sound performance art project by Mike Parker, Harold Walls and Robert Kirzinger. Released one tape, one 7-inch, one 10-inch, one LP and one CD.
  • Plastic BTLs (1982-1984): Pittsburgh’s very first industrial-noise band back in the Throbbing Gristle/Cabaret Voltaire days. Consisted of Vince Curtis (later of Half Life, Burning Path etc) and Lee Skirbol.
  • Raudive Voices (circa 1999): Experimental industrial studio project by Jason Moyer.
  • Vorpal (circa 2005-2007): IDM project by Andy Kozlowski


  • Grae-Com (1989-1995): Dark experimental sound project from Neil Herzinger, who moved to NY State.
  • My Boyfriend the Pilot (2001-present; based in Pittsburgh until circa 2010): Electronica/experimental/ambient/noise/downbeat/IDM project by Minmei Decelis.
  • Pancreatic Aardvarks (1999-2012): Ambient/noise/post-rock project by Josh Loughrey which included a Current 93 cover featuring Vequinox.
  • Requiem (2000- ): Dark-ambient project formed by Butler, PA’s David Graham. Later relocated to Cleveland.