Zines of Antiquity

Some of the great DIY goth publications that have been published in Pittsburgh.

  • Dark Troubadour (circa 1994-1997): Chuck Owston’s zine featured reviews of dark folk and medieval music, plus interviews and horror short stories.
  • PMS (circa 1994-1998): Post Modern Sluts was a goth feminist zine that put out many issues and organized shows. One of its missions was to unite goths and punks. Primary writers were Wandi, Carolyn, Laura, DeeAnn, and Lisa.
  • 3rd Nail (circa 1995): Jason and Kristine’s Lambert’s mid-90’s goth publication was a scene staple.
  • Haven (circa 1996-1997): An eclectic project from a CMU collective.
  • Dark Heart (1997-1999): Dark music reviews and more, by Shadoe and Jim Semonik
  • Dark Dominions (1997-1998): Dark poetry and art zine by Kurt, aka Armand Bosconia.
  • Golgotha (circa 1997-1998): Included articles on spooky topics such as mummification, Crowley, and female goth vocalists.
  • Waste Machine (circa 1998): Founded by Jenni Drozdek; poetry and very dark rants.
  • bedlam (1999-2002): Founded by Eamonn McNamee, this zine collected creative writing, music and visual art from the Pittsburgh goth, punk and indie communities.
  • Pretty Gothic (Sept. 2002-circa 2004): Amanda Manol’s publication focusing on dark aesthetics.
  • The Burnt Library (circa 2009-2012): Jordan Harris’ quarterly publication covering goth, industrial, and esoterica.